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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obama Smear Campaign Calls Romney A Liar and Potential Criminal...Update: Bain Capital Exposes The Lie

Another pathetic attempt by the Obama campaign to distract people from looking at their Messiah's miserable economic record
(BuzzFeed) -- Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter suggested that Mitt Romney may be a criminal on a conference call with reporters this morning about a Boston Globe report that shows that Romney stayed at Bain Capital three years past when he said he'd left.

Cutter said that there were two ways to interpret the story. The first: Mitt Romney was "misrepresenting his position" at Bain to the Securities and Exchange Commission, "which is a felony."

Or, he was "misrepresenting his position at Bain to the American people. If that’s the case, if he was lying to the American people, that’s a real character and trust issue," Cutter said.

Cutter called on the Romney campaign to clear up by the issue by releasing the candidate's tax returns.
"If the SEC filings aren’t accurate, then prove it," she said.

Bob Bauer, head lawyer for the Obama campaign and a former White House counsel, also implied that Romney could be in legal trouble.

 He said that SEC documents are "very carefully scrutinized by lawyers because of the very severe consequences that follow from making statements to the SEC that aren’t correct."

"Of particular consequence woud be a misrepresentation that involved a controlling person," Bauer said, and "Romney is the controlling person."

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Via Politico 

Bain Capital sends the following statement, following today's Boston Globe article reporting that MItt Romney was CEO there until 2002:
Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in February 1999 to run the Olympics and has had absolutely no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm or with any of its portfolio companies since the day of his departure.  Due to the sudden nature of Mr. Romney's departure, he remained the sole stockholder for a time while formal ownership was being documented and transferred to the group of partners who took over management of the firm in 1999.  Accordingly, Mr. Romney was reported in various capacities on SEC filings during this period."

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