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Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Obama A Felon For His Past Drug Use?

Yesterday, the Obama campaign's Big Lie machine accused Mitt Romney of committing a felony. Bain Capital's statement and a report by the Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission have proven these smears to be false.

The real question is, did Choom Gang member Barack Obama commit felonies when he used various illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine?

 Is Obama above the law in this and so many other ways?

Michelle Obama commented on her husband's past drug use in a May 2012 interview with Jon Stewart:

Asked by Stewart about her husband's high school and college years, which the host described as "the script of a Cheech and Chong movie," the first lady avoided directly commenting on the president's youthful drug use.

 New details of his use of marijuana have emerged ahead of the release next month of David Maraniss's deeply reported biography of the young Barack Obama.

"He was like many young people," the first lady said. But, in time, "he realized he could with do more with his life."


  1. It's ok if Obama did drugs but it wasn't ok when they thought GB might have but nobody actually saw him do it!!
    Amazing, isn't it...........

  2. Not unless he has been convicted as a felon. He may have committed a felony, but no complaint; no arrest. Too much time has gone by for a conviction over this (I hope, assuming he is doing nothing now.)

  3. Obama is Chief-in-suck.