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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lesbian Claims To Be Victim Of Violent 'Homophobic' Attack

Lesbian Tawana Brawley?

LINCOLN, Neb. - Charlie Rogers told police she was dragged from her bed, tied up and assaulted because she's gay. But now she's speaking out because there are some who doubt the attack ever happened.

Lincoln police are investigating the case as a hate crime.

Rogers, 33, said three attackers painted homophobic slurs on the walls of her home and carved them into her skin.

 The incident from early Sunday is drawing national attention and leading to vigils like one on Thursday in Omaha.

With some people questioning whether the attack was staged, Rogers is going public, saying the doubters are making her a victim all over again.

 In an exclusive interview with KETV NewsWatch 7's Melissa Fry, Rogers talked about her pain and frustration over those who think she made it up.

 "My world has been changed forever," Rogers said. Rogers said she was used to send a message of hate and now, to create a story. "For people to think this doesn't happen here, it does. It did," Rogers said.

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