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Saturday, July 28, 2012

British NHS Proposes Plan To Organ Harvest Brain Dead Patients

This should have been part of the NHS segment in the London Olympics opening ceremony. Look out liberals! The NHS is coming for your organs!

(The Telegraph) -- Hospitals could be allowed to keep patients with massive brain injuries alive solely to harvest their organs, under controversial plans being floated by the NHS.

The 19 million people on the Organ Donation Register could also be given preference in the event of needing an organ, over those who are not.

These are two of the proposals mooted in a consultation being carried out by NHS Blood and Transplant this summer.

NHSBT is canvassing views from health professionals and the public on these and other ideas in the online survey, which closes on September 21. If put into practice they would represent large-scale changes to the way transplant is undertaken.

The survey asks whether doctors should be able to keep alive patients with catastrophic brain damage, for example due to head injury or stroke, who will not survive, solely for the purpose of organ donation.
Patients approaching death are often put on artificial ventilation for a short period to enable their relatives to say goodbye.

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