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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama Lacky David Plouffe Says Romney Supporters Trying To 'Purchase The White House'

(The Hill) -- Senior White House adviser David Plouffe on Tuesday accused wealthy Mitt Romney supporters of trying to "purchase the White House," one day after the presumptive GOP nominee announced a $106 million June fundraising haul that stunned the Obama campaign.

“You’ve got a few very wealthy people lining up trying to purchase the White House for Mr. Romney,” said Plouffe on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We’re going to have to have everybody out there who wants the president to continue to a second term to step up and help the campaign.”

After seeing Romney and the Republican National Committee (RNC) outpace Obama for two straight months, the president’s campaign is pressuring donors to intensify their fundraising efforts.

Romney outraised Obama by $35 million in June and $17 million in May, the first two months after the GOP candidate shifted his focus from the primaries to the general election.

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