Free xml sitemap generator Conservative Nation News: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Accuses Rush Limbaugh Of Giving Romney 'Racist Advice'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Accuses Rush Limbaugh Of Giving Romney 'Racist Advice'

The race card is the last refuge of a liberal scoundrel.

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  1. "In his book president 0bama writes of a difficult period in high school when he lost ALL contact with his father who he had met ONLY ONCE when he was 10 years old... he wrote, [...]
    'pot had helped, and booze, maybe A LITTLE BLOW when you could afford it.' THAT'S IT. That's what the president wrote in HIS MEMOIR OF HIS DRUG USE. But the Ditto-Heads listening to Rush believe that he wrote in his book that he was smoking weed and snorting coke AT COLUMBIA..."

    Well I'm glad Lawrence cleared THAT up! See, no big deal there, because it was just 'a little' blow, and wasn't even at Columbia! And most importantly, it's not 0bama's fault, because he has daddy issues. This totally changes EVERYTHING! LOL.

  2. Funny that Lawrence downplays it so much. Is he ashamed of 0bama's drug use? Not a single mention of the 'Choom Gang' or 'roof hits.' It looks like O'Donnell 'intercepted' the truth.

  3. First of all Rush Limbaugh is not a republican political strategist.

    Secondly, Lawrence O'Donnell needs to apologize for suggesting that black Americans have a higher tendency to be lazy, smoke marijuana and snort cocaine than other races. This was his implication when he accused Rush Limbaugh of using “racist stereotypes” to describe Barack Obama.

    It's well known that Obama himself had admitted his drug habit and his becoming lazy at college. He wrote about it in his book. Rush was using the information that Obama himself supplied in his own book.