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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burka Clad Women Run New Egyptian TV Channel

All burkas! All the time! The Islamic Spring is on the air!

CAIRO (AP) -- The only visible female face in the Cairo-based studio of a new Islamic TV channel for women is that of a puppet.

The human stars are all veiled from head to toe, with only their eyes showing.

Maria TV is run primarily by women. They operate cameras, present shows and interview female guests ranging from doctors to students of Islamic theology. 

But they cannot show their faces during the broadcasts, and no men are allowed on air during the female programming, not even for phone-ins.

Shrouded in long flowing black robes and scarves known as niqabs, with black gloves to match - the women are distinguishable only by their voices and the slits for their eyes.

The channel, which was launched on Saturday to coincide with the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, is the brainchild of Ahmed Abdallah as part of a broader effort to expand his religious pan-Arab satellite station Ummah TV.

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  1. I wonder who's doing her hair and makeup. Just asking.

  2. Since 94% to 97% of all communication is NON-VERBAL, what's the point here? What kind of lasting information can a black blob of cloth offer, given their only chance to make it stick is less than 6% ?

    The ladies should learn some basic psychology 101 before wasting their efforts. You know darn well that if the tarps were removed from those lovely women that every word they speak would be remembered. And isn't this the point of television? To relay info that can be remembered? Sheesh.