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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quran Teacher Rapes 4 Year Old Boy, Claims "Devil Played With My Head"

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DUBAI (The National) -- A Quran teacher told a policeman he raped a four-year-old boy because "the devil played with my head", a court heard today.
Prosecutors told the Criminal Court that the Bangladeshi HM, 24, was employed to give lessons to the children of four families who share a villa in Al Hamriya.

The Pakistani boy's father, 30-year-old ME, said the lessons took place in the villa's kitchen after Maghrib prayer for an hour every day except Thursdays and Fridays and that his son had been taking part in them for two months before the rape occured on July 18 this year.

Following that day's lesson, "My son came back to our room very frightened," said the boy's 25-year-old mother, SE. She said that when she asked him why he was afraid, he told her the teacher had ripped his trousers off and hurt him. The boy described the rape to her and said that it hurt him so much that at one point the teacher stopped and began touching him with his hand instead.

The mother told the boy's father and uncle who then caught the teacher and took him to the police station.

AA, a 45-year-old Yemeni policeman, said that when interrogated the teacher admitted raping the child, saying: "I was wrong and the devil played with my head."

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