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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Emperor Obama and His Court Jester Fiddle While America Burns

Did Mr. Fake Republican get a hernia from lifting such a heavy pile of manure?

(Yahoo!News) -- Florida pizza shop owner Scott Van Duzer lifted President Barack Obama a solid foot off the ground in a bear hug during an unscripted stop at his Fort Pierce, Fla., store. Literally.

So what did the Secret Service think about Van Duzer — a registered Republican who says he'll vote for Obama in November — hoisting the president? "He said I was all right as long as I didn't take him away," Van Duzer told reporters.

Obama, wrapping up a two-day bus tour through Florida, dropped by the Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Restaurant for the kind of unannounced visit that breathes life into sometimes dreary campaign travel.

Has Biden been taking lechery lessons from Bill Clinton?

Seaman, OH (Fox News) -- Vice President Joe Biden made a pit stop at a silver-plated diner just off of the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway Sunday, cozying up with potential supporters in this crucial swing state.

 He immediately headed to the counter, where he asked patrons of Cruisers Diner, "Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don't let me ride anymore."

"Probably not," the man responded.

"Probably not," Biden repeated, laughing.

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