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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KFC Goes Halal In Houston

Sharia is spreading across America like a cancer.
( --  KFCs in Houston are now serving meat slaughtered under Sharia Law. 

The practice of Halal is said to be a much slower, calmer process which begins with a prayer for the animal.

Some say this discriminates against non-Muslims.  But Paul Shapiro, Vice President for Farm Animal Protection at the Humane Society of the U.S. simply calls it inhumane.

"Animals have their throats cut without being rendered unconscious prior to the cutting," says Shapiro.  "That's unlike other types of more conventional slaughter where an effort is supposed to be made to render the animals insensible to pain."
The chain began using Halal practices after Muslims in England voiced their concerns about the slaughter process.

Rasheed Ahmed with the Muslim Consumer Group argues that traditional machine slaughter results in 142 chickens being killed each minute, and asks how is that more humane?

"A requirement for Halal is that the person has to pronounce the name of God," says Ahmed.  

"There's no chance that God's name is pronounced on each of the 142 chickens."

At least one KFC countertop in Houston displays a letter from the Islamic Society of the Washington Area certifying their chicken from Tyson Foods meets Halal requirements.  

However, there are reports that other fast food giants use the process without telling customers.

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  1. Personally I object to muslims doing heathen things to my food, let alone torturing animals.

  2. James Boom: why don't you get yourself an education and learn about other cultures before you post stupid comments.