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Monday, June 11, 2012

Jeb Bush: Dad and Reagan Might Be Rejected by Today's GOP

(ABC News) -- Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush today said that both Ronald Reagan and his father, George H.W. Bush, would have a hard time getting nominated by the more conservative voters in today’s Republican Party.

“Ronald Reagan would have, based on his record of finding accommodation, finding some degree of common ground, as would my dad, they would have a hard time if you define the Republican party, and I don’t, as having an orthodoxy that doesn’t allow for disagreement, doesn’t allow for finding some common ground,” Bush said, according to Buzzfeed, which reported Bush’s giving the comments at the headquarters of Bloomberg LP in New York City.

Bush, a much-discussed contender to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, said he sees the ultra-conservative and partisan standards of today’s GOP as “disturbing,” but called “this dysfunction … temporary.”

Moronism seems to run in the family
“It’s just a different environment left and right,” Bush said.

During his “dad’s time and Ronald Reagan’s time,” Bush said, they “got a lot of stuff done with a lot of bipartisan support,” according to the report, adding that Reagan “would be criticized for doing the things that he did.”

Bush railed against both sides, but blamed President Obama for much of the clashing.

“His first year could have been a year of enormous accomplishment had he focused on things where there was more common ground,” Bush said, arguing that he believed Obama made the “purely political calculation” to run a more partisan administration.

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