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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Goes On Warpath Over Romney "Corporations Are People" Remark

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Washington Post) — With a voice hoarse not from last week’s Massachusetts Democratic convention, but from “the parties,” she said, Elizabeth Warren took the stage at the annual Netroots Nation conference here Friday afternoon with a clear goal: link her GOP opponent, Sen. Scott Brown, to the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney.
The Harvard professor and Democratic Senate nominee made no mention in her 10-minute remarks of the months-long flap over her Native American heritage, an imbroglio that the Brown campaign as seized upon and that polls suggest could take a toll on Warren in November.

Rather, Warren’s only allusion to the episode came as she told the cavernous hall of nearly 3,000 progressive activists that she remains determined to stay in the race for the same reasons she jumped into it.

“Let me make clear, I am not backing down,” Warren said to loud applause.

As she seeks to unseat Brown in what stands to be among this year’s most competitive (and expensive) Senate battles, Warren on Friday repeatedly took aim at “the Romney-Brown Republicans” on matters ranging from her signature issue of financial regulatory reform to campaign finance and the battle over health insurers and contraception.

“The Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, said, ‘Corporations are people.’ No, Mitt, corporations are not people,” she said to cheers. “People have hearts. They have kids. They get jobs. They get sick, they laugh, they cry, they dance, they live and they die. Learn the difference.”

After pausing again for a long round of applause, Warren added: “And Mitt, learn this. We don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people.”

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