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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pittsburgh Teacher Victim of Vicious Unprovoked Assault by Teen

Just another racial attack in Obama's America.

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) -- Pittsburgh police are investigating a vicious, apparently unprovoked assault on a teacher last week in a Downtown alley that was captured on video.

Teacher James Addlespurger of the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts was walking down Tito Way near the Benedum Theater on Thursday afternoon as six young men walked in the other direction.

Suddenly one of the men -- not even the closest one to Mr. Addlespurger -- stepped over to the teacher and socked him in the face, knocking him out with one punch.

As Mr. Addlespurger dropped to the ground, his head striking the curb, the youths continued nonchalantly walking down the alley as the attacker looked back.

"He definitely went out of his way to hit him,"

Pittsburgh police Zone 2 Detective Al Flemm said today. "Just random. Terrible."

Police are unsure of the motive. Detective Flemm said it does not appear that the victim exchanged words with anyone in the group. Mr. Addlespurger did not recognize any of the young men, who are believed to be between 15 and 18 years old.

"We've got some of the names," Detective Flemm said, adding that Pittsburgh Public Schools police have been able to identify three of the group members, but not the one who hit the teacher.

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  1. This is just a little game called "Knockout King" that Eric Holder's childrrruuun like to play.

    It's just a game.

    Don't get all wound up about, you racist hunkeys.

  2. If Obama had a son he would act just like that.

    When are we going to put a stop to this kind of thing with a few examples?

    Makes you wonder about all those lynchings.

  3. Just another 'NO_LIMIT_NIGGA'? Same thing happened to George Zimmerman. Fortunately, he wasn't knocked out. If he were knocked out, Trayvon would've killed him with his own gun. Thank God George remained conscious and Trayvon earned his E-ticket straight to HELL!!!

  4. Amish at it again... when they go rogue they're just terrible...

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